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Vortex Skimmer

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The Vortex skimmer is Revolver Screens answer to pulling high volumes of water from a shallow water source.

Can pull over 4000 gallons of water each minute and will work in as little as 10 in of water.

No worries about priming as it has a built-in check valve for remote start and will keep its prime so it is ready when you need it.

Exceptional ease of service. Works in lakes, ponds, rivers, dugouts etc. Works in adverse conditions keeping your water going where you need it, when you need it.

When you’re looking for a shallow draw skimmer this is the choice for you.

Patent Pending US 62/833,276

The Vortex Skimmer is Easy to maintain to keep your system running when you need it

Hinged arm – No need to pull your skimmer from the water should you ever have to work on it. Or if you need to move it to a new location swivel it to vertical so it does not catch on anything.