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Irrigation Screens

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When you are looking for a quality irrigation screen you are looking for a Revolver Screen, At Revolver Screens we not only manufacture the product, we use it.  Our screens work when and where you need them to. Get the most from your fields.

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If you’re looking for a dealer for Revolver Screens near you we have dealers throughout western Canada and into the United States.

Contact one of the dealers to order your irrigation screens today, before your crops start to dry out.

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When you can’t count on rain you can count on us!


We first used our screens in real day-to-day applications, then we started to manufacture and sell them.

We operate in a part of Southern Alberta that’s known as the Palliser triangle. The only reason that there’s farming in this area is because of irrigation. It is not a luxury to be able to irrigate it is a necessity in southern Alberta.

Revolver Screens was birthed out of this necessity. There are only a few options to get water from and we need to get the water where and when we need to.

Let us bring our knowledge and experience to help you get the most from your crops no matter whether you’re trying to farm.

Whether you farm in an extremely dry area and you need a lot of water, or you need to bring in water for a few dry days in the season – we have what you need.

When you buy an irrigation screen from Revolver Screens you know they WORK! Manufactured to the highest standards!

Irrigation Screens Warranty

Our warranty beats all others in the industry, and reliability that speaks for itself.

Whether you are a small land owner irrigating your acreage, or you own many sections and rely on your crops for a living….. Our product will perform!

Don’t wait till you run out of water, Get quality irrigation screens today

Do not miss out on the ability to deliver water you need to your crops at the critical time. Call us today to get a screen that will keep you running when you need it the most.

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