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Top Cover

The Top Cover, when you need all the possible storage space.

Covers up your entire box.

You can select your toolboxes then add a top cover for roof storage and at the same time securing items in the truck box.

Allows you to carry the maximum amount of tools, equipment and supplies to the job site.

Keeps everything secure and out of sight as well as out of the weather.

Durable rooftop storage with side guards allow you to carry ladders and other supplies on the roof and easily secure them.

A service body that looks amazing and has great security without the service body cost.

Secure fit to last for years and retain its value.

When you need to carry the most supplies a top cover is the ideal solution to your toolbox build.

Customize the top cover with interior lights and you have an all-weather, 24 hour storage solution that will help you do the best work on the job site.

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